SSCI Group

A ground-breaking market analysis firm

SSCI is a ground-breaking market analysis firm

SSCI is a ground-breaking market analysis firm, which aims to bring the traditional market success rate to well-established companies and individuals.
We aim to be the pioneers in allowing every company or individual to invest their capital with our modified market analysis algorithm.
We specialize in immediate and automatic fund protection while allowing higher than average percentage profits, in every market condition.
We offer market analysis, risk management, and full transparency to every client.

SSCI Indicator

Our algorithm is holding the capital in a solid state form and is initiating the trade only when the market is in the ideal condition. (Trades are done by the client with our immediate signals)

Choose a leading asset
Identify the Trend
Technical Tools
Pick an entry point
Risk Management
Secure Your Venture

SSCI Press

At SSCI Group, we are proud to present our dedicated brand,
Market-Alleys, a premier platform for financial news and updates.
Market-Alleys is your go-to source for comprehensive coverage of the latest trends, investment insights, and market developments in the financial sectors.

SSCI Trading

At SSCI Group, we specialize in in-house Nostro trading. 
Our professional traders use advanced strategies to achieve top performance and results.
Experience the best in Nostro trading with SSCI.

SSCI Social

At SSCI Group, we offer tailored social media solutions designed for various companies.
Our unique approach provides top-notch performance and exceptional results. With experienced professionals and advanced strategies, we create unparalleled marketing options that set us apart.